Bathroom Remodeling Springfield MA

Full Bathroom Remodeling Springfield MA

A full bathroom remodel completely transforms your current space. Our contractors can move the main components and reposition or replace them. We can take away and add a shower, tub, sink, toilet, or vanity in your bathroom. Our full bathroom remodeling services replace an outdated look, old plumbing, or flooring. We work with the layout of your home and can remodel any size or shape bathroom.

Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can come to your home to give a free quote on a full bathroom remodel. Our services include plumbing, flooring, electrical, tiling, and finish work. We also apply paint and install fixtures and hardware. We can do minor renovations or upgrades if your bathroom does not require a complete remodel.

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    Half Bathroom Remodeling Springfield MA

    Powder Room Remodeling

    Half baths add property value and, depending on household size, become a necessity. A powder room or half bathroom has a toilet, sink and requires minimal storage. If family members need to use the bathroom simultaneously, half bath remodels offer an excellent solution. Guests can freshen up in a powder room, which keeps your main or master bathroom private.

    Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can work with you to get a small functional bathroom. We offer powder room and half bath remodeling services. Our general contractors will work with you to get the most functionality out of a small bathroom. We will deliver a bathroom that suits your lifestyle, family, and living space. Our bathroom contractors can install a new toilet, sink, tiling, hardware and add final touches. We also provide free estimates for powder room and half bath remodeling services.

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    Small Bathroom Remodeling Springfield MA

    Depending on the space of your property, you may have a small bathroom that needs remodeling. Small bathrooms typically have a toilet, sink, and sometimes a small shower.

    Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros will see that you get the most use from a small bathroom renovation. Small bathroom remodeling services include installation of sinks, toilets, tiling, fixtures, or showers. 

    Whether you need a small bathroom renovation due to the age of your property or want a new look, we can help! Our bathroom contractors also add fine details like hardware, mirrors, and lighting. Our local bathroom remodeling company offers free quotes and competitive pricing.

    Master Bathroom Remodeling Springfield MA

    master bathroom renovations springfield ma

    Master bathrooms give you privacy, peace of mind, and a space to enjoy. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros will work with you to create a unique design. Our contractors have years of experience in master bathroom remodeling. We can work with different sizes and shapes to build you a new beautiful master bathroom. Choose a shower, whirlpool tub, sink, toilet, or bidet. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can install lighting, storage, flooring, vanities, tiles, mirrors, and fixtures. Our general contractors also paint, grout, install hardware or any other add-ons in your new master bathroom. We offer master bathroom remodeling services to Springfield, MA, and nearby towns. Our local company provides free estimates and competitive prices for master bathroom renovations.

    Our Process

    Bathroom remodels, regardless of the size and style, involve a great deal of decision-making. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros make home remodeling projects stress-free for our customers. Choosing us to perform your bathroom remodel gives you full services where you do not need more than one company. 

    Here is an overview of our process:

    • After scheduling a free quote, Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros will do an in-home consultation. You can discuss ideas and things you want or need in your bathroom remodel. You may want a complete bathroom remodel or some minor renovations. Regardless of the bathroom project’s scope, we offer the same highly skilled professional services. 
    • Our general contractor will measure the bathroom’s dimensions and give you a rough estimate. We will set up an appointment for you to meet with our professional designers. Together, we will plan out your new bathroom’s design.
    • Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros will draw up plans for your bathroom renovation. After factoring in the design, materials, and labor, we can give you a final estimate. Upon agreement, we will schedule your bathroom remodel.
    • Throughout the bathroom remodel, our general contractors will communicate with you. We will inform you of the timeframe and any challenges we face. Our bathroom contractors will also give you an estimated date for project completion.
    • Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros will clean up throughout the bathroom remodel. Our general contractors work neatly and act professionally.
    • After we finish your new bathroom renovation, our lead general contractor will go over everything to see if you have questions. The contractor will explain and point out the job’s specifications. We will also give demos of any new features in the bathroom. We will also provide you with warranty information and product details for future reference. We will make sure you love your new bathroom. Our team will then finish cleaning up and let you enjoy your newly remodeled bathroom.

    Bathroom Tile and Finishes

    Bathroom tiles have multiples uses but primarily protect areas from water. Bathroom tiles have non-absorbency features and can form a wall or add a decorative touch. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can help you choose bathroom tiles and finishes. Some common materials of bathroom tiles include stone, ceramic, porcelain, or clay. 

    Popular bathroom tile finishes include:

    • Glossy tiles, a popular choice, have a reflective surface to brighten up your bathroom. You can easily clean these tile finishes. Satin finish tiles have a smooth surface with less shine.
    • Glazed finish bathroom tiles have a glass layer over ceramic or porcelain. This style comes in matte, glossy, and textured finishes. These bathroom tiles offer water protection and an attractive look.
    • Textured finish tiles have slip-resistance properties and serve a purpose in bathrooms. An example of textured tiles includes a brushed finish with stone and metal bristles.
    • Matte finish tiles have a hard surface and a non-reflective surface. These tiles can create a traditional look while offering slip resistance. Our contractors can also install matte tiles for bathroom flooring. A standard matte tile, honed, has a smooth surface, scratch resistance, and modern look.
    • Polished finish bathroom tiles come in a variety of styles and often go in luxury bathrooms. Some examples include stone tiles like marble.

    Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can install any type of tile for your bathroom remodel. Our general contractors can install a tile floor, wall or make a decorative statement. We also professionally apply the correct form of grout to match the tile type you select.

    Bathroom Cabinets Installations Springfield

    Bathroom cabinets add purpose by offering storage solutions. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can add space by installing bathroom cabinetry. You can choose prefabricated or custom design bathroom cabinets. You can select the perfect style of cabinets for your bathroom. Our contractors can install bathroom cabinetry to walls for a clean and contemporary look. Cabinets can also be part of a vanity or sink to tidy up your bathroom. 

    Lighting and Hardware Springfield

    Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can install lighting and hardware in your bathroom. With our complete bathroom remodeling services, you do not need to hire an electrician. Our licensed and insured contractors have years of experience installing lighting and fans. We can complete any electrical work and install skylights for your bathroom remodel. 

    We also have expertise in installing bathroom hardware and fixtures. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros will complete the look of your remodel with accents. Our bathroom contractors have fine attention to detail and will help you choose the best faucet and showerhead to install. Other hardware seems minor but transforms bathrooms. We install racks, holders, bars, and rings to hold towels or robes.

    Shower Installation Springfield

    Your Springfield home may need shower installation because of faulty plumbing, age, or a worn-out base. Shower installation also helps aging family members. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can install showers or tub-shower combinations. You can select a prefabricated or custom shower or combination. Custom shower installation lets you create a unique look that suits your home. Find a shape, design, and style that suits your family’s needs. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can install square, rectangle, and curved showers. Our professional designers will work with the bathroom’s layout to optimize space. You can choose if you want the shower base flat or with a threshold. Custom shower installation lets you select the color and type of tiles you want. You can also choose an ideal shower enclosure, including different door styles. You can add decorative elements and choose a showerhead that meets your needs. 

    Walk-in showers open up a bathroom’s space and can help a household member with mobility issues. Our general contractors can install bars, benches, and showerheads to accommodate your family. We also can install thermostatic or digital shower systems. Digital systems make it easy for children or elderly family members to adjust water pressure and temperature. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros will install the fixtures and hardware you select. 

    Bathroom Conversions Springfield

    Bathroom conversions let you customize your bathing experience. We offer tub to shower and shower to tub bathroom conversions. Our contractors can replace an old or unused bathtub and change it into a new shower. Tub to shower conversions gives you flexibility if you want a custom design. A tub to shower conversion adds space and storage to make your bathroom more functional. Replacing a tub with a shower conserves water, making it more cost-effective.

    Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can also install shower to tub conversions. We replace your old shower with a new tub. You may want a bathtub or whirlpool to soak in after a long day, and we can install one. Bathtubs also offer safer environments if you have children or are expecting. Our bathroom contractors can also install a tub-shower combination in your home.

    Bathroom Expansion Services Springfield

    Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can do an expansion on your bathroom to give you more space. Depending on the floor layout, bathroom expansion services may benefit you. Our general contractors will work with you on solutions. We can take out walls or space from another room or build a custom bump out. Both expansion options will increase the size of your bathroom.

    Our contractors have years of experience with bathroom expansions. A smaller expansion creates space to add components like a shower, bathtub, vanity, or storage. Large expansions can completely transform a small or half bath into a custom, luxury, or master bathroom. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros will work with the space and design of your home. 

    Bathroom Additions Springfield

    You may need an additional bathroom in your home, which has become one of our specialties. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can build any size or style of bathroom additions. Our licensed and insured contractors work with the layout of your home. Standard additions may include small, half, and full bathrooms. Our general contractors also install bathrooms in basements. We also have expertise with larger bathroom projects. Our designers can draw up master, custom, and luxury bathroom additions for you. 

    Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can come up with a solution for your home. We offer free estimates and consultations. Our remodeling contractors have years of experience with bathroom additions. We provide complete construction and installation services for any bathroom additions. Our licensed and insured contractors do all the plumbing, flooring, tiling, and electrical work. We will help you design your bathroom addition and then bring your vision to life.

    Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Springfield

    When deciding on home remodeling, a luxury bathroom lets you decide on the look and amenities. Luxury bathrooms send a statement of your personality and taste. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros can take a basic bathroom and transform it into a premium space. Luxury bathroom remodeling has more high-end features than a standard, full bathroom. On top of the necessities, you can opt to have a whirlpool tub, bidet, or sky lighting.  

    Our bathroom contractors also install heated floors and towel warmers to make cold New England winters more bearable. Another trend includes installing Bluetooth sound systems in luxury bathroom remodels. You can listen to music as you relax in the tub or while getting ready. Tile and countertop choices for luxury bathrooms include marble, granite, or quartz. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros will complete your luxury bathroom remodel from start to finish. You can choose amenities to customize the elegance of your luxury bathroom. 

    Bathroom Remodeling Done Right

    For bathroom remodeling done right, hire Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros. Our contractors have years of experience and expertise in various trades. We offer complete remodeling services where you do not need to hire anyone else. Our general contractors treat every bathroom remodel with the same level of professionalism. No matter the size and scope, we get bathroom remodeling done right. Our general contractors have fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. We will leave you with a beautifully renovated bathroom. 

    Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros will help you with design and offer free estimates. Our general contractors install custom cabinetry and woodwork. Our bathroom remodeling contractors can work with any layout and complete the job. Consider us whether you need a tub conversion or a full gut and remodel in your bathroom. We work on existing properties and new construction homes and buildings. 

    Get a Free Estimate

    Get a free estimate for bathroom remodeling services in Springfield, Massachusetts, by contacting us. Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros’ general contractors conduct free in-person consultations. We will come to your home, discuss your remodeling ideas, and take measurements. Our professional design team will work with you to draw up your dream bathroom. Save pictures you come across for us to see the ideas you have for a bathroom remodel. Our licensed and insured contractors will then transform your bathroom.

    Our bathroom remodeling company serves Springfield, MA, and nearby areas. Call Springfield Kitchen and Bath Pros at 413-319-8030 to schedule your free in-home consultation. You can also fill out our online request form, and we will get back to you. We love serving Springfield, and you can count on us for all your bathroom remodeling needs!

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